Who are you? 

I am an exhibited and published photographer based in the Philadelphia metro region, also photographing in NYC and NJ as well. My juror-selected work has shown in galleries across the country and my greatest artistic influences are contemporary photographers. I do acquaint myself with art history for a richer context. I photograph mainly with a documentary approach.

What is editorial or documentary style?

I photograph you and your family as you move, stay still and go about your activities. You can smile or not, but I will artfully photograph what you're revealing at the moment. I will direct as necessary if I think a particular shot carries interest and beauty.

How do I choose a photographer?

Look at the website images, side by side. Are they similar? Are they different? Whose style, vision and approach resonate with you the most? That's the one you choose.

What makes you different?

My sessions are typically 90-120+ minutes to allow time for all to "settle in" to the shoot. I also want to go beyond the typical "hey everyone, smile at the camera" look. We need some of those photos...maybe...maybe not...but I'd like to explore and record a wider range of circumstances and emotions. When you look at my portfolio, you'll start to see that there are different moods, there's stillness, there are wandering minds... I want us to do things a little differently. Let's lie around on a field of tall grasses, walk around in a moody forest with the girls in dresses, roast marshmallows in the backyard fire pit with everyone in jammies, etc. If you connect with these words, then I'm your photographer! If you want to co-design an art project out of your session (e.g. dumping powdered sugar on your kids and see how that works out, or cut open a feather pillow and play with that, or take a milk bath), let's talk! All sessions include digital photographs and they start at $1200. Gallery standard/exhibition-quality fine art prints (archival inks printed on smooth matte cotton rag paper) start at $60 for a 5x7.  

Any ideas for my session?

We can photograph at home, a holiday house or somewhere outdoors. But let's do more than just pick out a spot. It's more like a slice-of-life. Plan a real, true-to-life activity. Go on a picnic, take a hike among big rocks or attend a local festival.  These are fertile times for genuine interactions to arise.

I choose you! How do I book a session?

Super! Click here for the shopping cart. Or Paypal the deposit or full payment to rem@remilai.com. Some people just prefer Paypal. After booking, we will have a phone conversation on date, location and styling. Any remaining balances will be paid on the day of the shoot.

What do we wear?

Choose several outfits that you like, that make you feel comfortable and that will make you look good! Wear complementary colors, or you may wear vintage clothing, European clothing or flattering accessories that don't scream "hey, look here!" i.e. they steal attention away from your pretty faces. Generally, avoid clothing with text or brand names boldly stated. For ideas, check out:

What if it rains or someone gets sick?

It happens and it's ok. If it's weather-related, we will discuss options 1-2 days ahead, If it's illness-related, try to give me at least a 48-hr notice if possible. One reschedule will be offered. Deposit will be retained.


*Prices & packages subject to change without notice